Hello.  So, I guess I’m supposed to write something here about myself.  Well, for starters I live in midcoast Maine on the Eggemoggin Reach.  It’s a good place to sail, and to build boats.  So, I do that for a living.  I work at Brooklin Boat Yard building all kinds of interesting projects.  Then, because it’s never enough, I come home and work on some more boats.  Except now I get to do it at my own pace and I get to take random breaks to have a funny face contest with my daughter, Catherine.  She’s going to help with this current restoration.  Well, as much as she can, at any rate.  I’m planning on going through the restoration while talking about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it that way, and the tools and methods I’m using along the way.  It’s all going to take a while because in the meantime I have to work for a living, raise a family, and maintain a home.  You know, life. It’s surprisingly busy.  When I built my Shellback I thought it would be a quick and easy build.  My co-worker said ‘You have a baby?  Yeah, it’ll be a year.’  I didn’t believe him at the time.  A year later, when I still had a lot to do, well, I believed him then.  That’s the way it is.  Which leads into the next part of what I’m going to talk about: the reality of boat restoration versus the fantasy that we create in our minds before we begin.  So here we go.